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Portable DTH Drills model QZ100K and KQD100

Model No.︰QZ100K, KQD100
Brand Name︰-
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

Technical specification of portable DTH drill QZ100K:
Weight: 255kg
Overall dimensions: 2650mm*460mm*365mm
Drillhole Depth: 0-30m
Drillhole Dip Angle: 60-90
Working air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air Consumption(Max): 9-12m3/min
Rotation Speed: 0-65rad/min
Axial Pressure(Max): 5214N
Lift Power(Max): 5831N
Max Torque: 599N*m
Once Advancing Length for Drilling Rod: 1000mm



Technical specification of portable drill of KQD100:
Overall dimensions: 1700mm*900mm*600mm
Drillhole Diameter: 85-105mm
Drillhole Depth: 0-50m
Drillhole Dip Angle: 0-360 degree
Working air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa (with  Model J80B and J100B hammers)
0.8-1.5Mpa (with Model JW80 and JW100 hammers)
Air Consumption(Max): 10-12m3/min
Drill-rod length: 1000mm
Rotary torque: 45kg*m (when working air-pressure 0.5Mpa)
Axial Pressure(Max): 700N (when working air-pressure 0.5Mpa)
Lift Power(Max): 769N (when working air-pressure 0.5Mpa)

Advantages︰This drill is suitable for the drilling of balstholes, Boltcable holes and drainage holes in all types of rock formation in open-pit mines and other engineerings such as water conservancy and water power building and harbour etc.
It takes the advantage of merits of all small-sized DTH drills made in China and foreign countries so that it can better overcome the difficulties in construction on the site where the traffic transport is not convenient or the workingsite is uneven.
Export Markets︰Canada,South America,Africa,South Asia
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