High pressure conventional DTH hammers (with footvalve)

High pressure conventional DTH hammers (with footvalve)

Model No.︰SD, COP, DHD,

Brand Name︰SOLLRCO

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

We provide high pressure DTH hammer from 3" to 18" for Secoroc COP, Bulroc BR, Ingersoll-rand IR/QL, M, Halco Mach, Sandvik SD, etc

They are a convertional DTH hammer (with footvalve). The details specifications as following: 


3"- 5" DTH hammer:



3" DTH hammer data:


4" DTH hammer data:



5" DTH hammer data:



6" DTH hammer:


6" DTH hammer data:



8" DTH hammer:


8" DTH hammer data:



10" DTH hammer:


10" DTH hammer data:



12" DTH hammer:


12" DTH hammer data:


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specifications︰ Our Convertional high pressure DTH hammer (with footvalve) models including:
1) 3" hammer, shank DHD3.5/QL30/Mach303/M30
2) 4" hammer, shank DHD340A/SD4/COP44/QL40/Mach44/Bulroc4/M40
3) 5" hammer, shank DHD350R/SD5/COP54/QL50/Mach50/Bulroc5/M50
4) 6" hammer, shank DHD360R/SD6/COP64/QL60/Bulroc6/M60
5) 8" hammer, shank DHD380/SD8/COP84/QL80/M80
6)10" hammer, shank SD10/SD12 shank, Numa100
7)12" hammer, shank DHD1120/SD12/Numa120/Numa125

We are always improved new models, contact me for further information.

Advantages︰ It is a kind of valveless high air pressure DTH hammer with footvalve.
1, Valveless air distribution. More reliable.
2, Simple design of the piston, long life.
3, More efficient energy transfer, faster drilling speed, lower air consumption and lower oil consumption.
4, Fewer internal parts, simple structure, longer life, less failure and easier to maintain because all the parts are heat treated.
5, Easy to disassemble because the top sub, the drive chuck and the external cylinder are connected by multi-step thread.

Export Markets︰ Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, etc

Min Order︰ 1

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